Behind the Seams

About Dara Elliott, San Francisco-Based Curiosity Writer.


Material World to Minimalist-ish


I began my career in the alluring world of fashion PR, where I picked up the habit of impulse shopping.

In 2014, I moved from New York to San Francisco with luggage and boxes filled to the brim.

After settling into the startup scene here in SF, I found myself wearing only a fraction of the pieces I had painfully lugged across the country.

This realization got me curious about simplicity and minimalism.

I read Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Greg McKeown's Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, and watched Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. I even gave uniform dressing and capsule wardrobes a try.

Among these perspectives, what really stuck was the idea of a minimalist-ish wardrobe. Paring down my wardrobe gave me clarity on my personal style, getting dressed got simpler, and most notably, I became a deliberate shopper (yup, no more impulse purchases!).


The Aha Moment


Instead of aimlessly shopping, I made a list of the voids in my closet along with specific criteria I was looking for in each piece. On this list was an everyday jacket with the following criteria:

  • Must be super comfy
  • Must have a versatile, modern design
  • Must be easy to care for (aka no dry cleaning, no fabrics that pill etc.)
I searched and searched, and simply couldn't find a modern, go-to jacket that fit the criteria. This sparked my entrepreneurial journey. Curious about what it'd be like to design a jacket, I set out to create the Do Anything Jacket...


Moto jackets made in San Francisco, at a women-owned factory

Launching Brevity Brand


On this design journey, I met an incredible team of San Francisco-based, women-led businesses.

I came across a local design studio and discovered Susan. We partnered to create the pattern for the jacket. She's a brilliant pattern maker, a genius at tailoring, and knows fit down to a science.

For production, I connected with Connie, a manufacturing fairy godmother, who's been making apparel in San Francisco for 30 years! She runs one of the only women-owned factories in the area and is known for her fair and ethical labor practices. In fact, most of her team has been with her since she opened shop!

It's was an amazing journey working with fellow female founders, launching a Kickstarter, and bringing this idea to life!

Minimalist capsule wardrobe ethically and consciously made here in San Francisco

From Brevity to Brand Sourcebook


Building Brevity was pivotal to my personal and professional growth. I learned what energized me, and what didn't. Most importantly, I learned what really makes a brand, a brand. 

This fascination with branding led me to create Brand Sourcebook, where I get to build brands alongside early-stage founders who are creating something worth believing in.

If that's you, I'd love to learn what you're working on and how I might be able to help. Say hello!



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