Publicity Theory is a San Francisco-based brand marketing & strategy consultancy.

We partner with retailers, direct-to-consumer brands, and B2B SaaS including retail tech and martech.

Our mission is to be your go-to brand marketing 'Chief of Staff'. We nerd out on The Future of Brand Marketing and deliver you personalized insights and strategies to propel your growth.

Let's Partner

Brand Strategy/Go-to-Market Strategy

Whether you're on the B2C or B2B side, we build brands and products that resonate emotionally and logically. We get to know the core strengths of your executive team, your product, and your innovation initiatives. Next, we analyze the market to identify competitive and consumer insights, social and brand intelligence, emerging macro and micro trends, along with key cultural shifts. Then, we combine those findings to craft a compelling and untapped narrative.

PR/Influencer Strategy & Insights

We analyze the social and digital press landscape to craft a strategy that will measurably move the needle for your sales, fundraising, and recruiting goals. We know the commerce space inside out and have deep connections across consumer, business, and tech media. We've rigorously mapped out the industry's content ecosystem: the publications, the reporters, the analysts, the podcasts, the thought leaders. You name it, they're on our radar. By knowing the industry through and through, our pitches are highly targeted, personalized, and most importantly, effective.

Strategic Partnerships

We facilitate win-win partnerships. By getting a thorough understanding of your business and growth goals, we do the legwork to identify strategically aligned partners. From identifying investors, advisors, vendors, industry influencers, to co-branded collaborations, we spot the opportunity for connection, foster the relationship, and activate the partnership.

Business Development

We seal the deal. As trained coaches and brand strategists, we're adept in human behavior. We dig deep to understand the core motivations of your target audience. We craft pitches and messages that speak to your audience's surface-level pain points, their most pressing challenges, and the underlying emotional drivers of their goals. We get to the root of what they really want and match your offerings to meet their needs.

Next Steps

We'll start with a discovery session where we learn about your brand strategy and marketing goals.

If we're a fit, we'll do a deep dive to uncover the key growth opportunities for your brand and put together a customized proposal.

To get started, schedule a discovery session here.

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Dara Elliott | Publicist, Brand Strategist, FounderDara Elliott | Publicist, Brand Strategist, Founder 

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