Finding Your Purpose

Our careers are playing an increasingly significant role in defining our identities. It reflects our strengths, our values, our contributions.

And deep down, we hope our work will guide us to finding our purpose and lead us to self-actualization. We want that Simon Sinek-kind-of-Why. A purpose that goes beyond ourselves.

Though for some, this desire for purpose is leading to what The Atlantic is calling 'Workism,' an often unhealthy obsession with work and meaning.

Regardless of what side of the debate you're on, or whether you fall somewhere down the middle, it's easy to question your career path at times, especially if you're an entrepreneurial type.

As someone who has made many career pivots, I want to share the series of steps I took to figure out what I wanted to do after I shut down my first business. A bit more about me here.

5 Steps to Finding Your Purpose 

STEP NO. 1 | Hindsighting 

STEP NO. 2 | Insighting

STEP NO. 3 | Foresighting

STEP NO. 4 | Thinking Forward 

STEP NO. 5 | Making Your Pivot

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This process is slow. The questions are intended to prompt a healthy dose of self-reflection.

While I know a step-by-step guide won't give you the answer to what's next, I hope it will get you one step closer.

As for my purpose? 

It's to lead with curiosity so that I can connect people and ideas. Right now those ideas are centering around The Future of Brand Marketing.

If that's something you're also curious about, I'll be sharing insights here:

Look forward to connecting! 

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